About Si-lwli Cymru

  • Family owned company based on Isle of Anglesey.

  • Inspired during maternity by the lack of welsh toys on the market.

  • Our aim is to improve the selection of interactive welsh toys available to infants.

We at Si-lwli Cymru are a family owned company based on the Isle of Anglesey and our mission is to supply good quality interactive welsh toys to the Welsh speaking community within Wales and across the world, to include welsh learners and welsh enthusiasts.

After the birth of our first child in 2015 we found that there was a real lack of welsh toys available on the market for us to buy for our daughter. We felt that this was such a shame as we wanted our child to be able to play in her native language and to be exposed to the welsh language during all aspects of her daily life, especially during playtime as we are strong believers in learning through play. My husband, an enthusiastic Welsh learner, couldn't understand why there were so few interactive welsh toys available. He believed that having welsh toys in the interactive also felt this was a real shame and he could not understand why there were so few Welsh interactive toys available. He felt that having Welsh toys in the house would also help normalise the welsh language in the home and in his daily life A few months after our daughters birth we decided it was high time we gave our daughter the wonderful gift of the first singing welsh toy in the world and so created one using sound modules from birthday cards and an old star shaped cloth!

Our daughter was completely mesmerised by her new welsh toy from day one and it went with her everywhere. It sang five beautiful welsh nursery rhymes of which she was already familiar with We could see straight away that the toy comforted her so much more than any other interactive toy she had as it sung songs she knew in her own language. We were so please that we finally had a singing welsh toy as part of our family!

It then occurred to us that other welsh speaking children across the world would really appreciate there own interactive welsh toy. We decided to look into developing the toy on a wider scale - Y Seren Swynol was born and so our story began.....

After two years of long nights and hard work (not to mention about 15 prototypes!) we are finally ready to introduce Y Seren Swynol to the world and we cannot wait for you to meet her!

If you would like to pre-order Y Seren Swynol we would be grateful if you could complete the pre-order form.

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