About DRAIGI ™

Hello, and welcome to DRAIGI™ - the mystical red dragon from Wales! This is the first ever welsh dragon to sing, and not before time! The Welsh have worshiped the red dragon and its mystical history for centuries. The red dragon is central to our national flag, and is the international symbol of our Welshness and rich ancient history.

The Welsh love nothing more than celebrating their Welshness through song whilst flying the iconic ‘Ddraig Goch’ flag at any opportunity, but particularly during international sporting events; rugby, football, and the “tour de France” more recently! Next time you take the flag with you to a welsh sporting event, remember to take Draigi™ with you!

Draigi™ is a necessary addition to our internationally renowned love of singing. It will keep the country’s famous anthems alive and well by ensuring that our children also love singing them, and know the words. The DRAIGI features the following 4 patriotic Welsh songs:-

  • Hen wlad fy nhadau
  • Sosban Fach
  • Calon Lân
  • Ar hyd y nos.

If you would like to know the words to these songs, please download the following booklet: -  DRAIGI Lyrics Sheet

Learning Through Play

This toy will promote the Welsh language in your home and ensure it is at the heart of playtime with your children.

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