Our family’s mission is to create cute and educational Welsh language toys for little ones all across the globe!

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Learning Through Play

Our toys will promote the Welsh language in your home and ensure it is at the heart of playtime with your children.

About Y Seren Swynol ™

  • The first singing welsh toy in the world!

  • Featuring five nursery rhymes from Cwm Rhyd Y Rhosyn.

  • Suitable for infants 0+.

Through a quick glance at the welsh toy Y Seren Swynol you may be fooled into thinking that it’s just a cuddly star with a pretty face, but there is so much more to this wonderful star than a pretty face! It is the first welsh toy in the world to sing in Welsh which is music to the ears of all welsh parents and learners throughout the world!

Join Y Seren Swynol ™ on its magical journey through “Cwm Rhyd y Rhosyn” where you will discover many wonders with Dafydd Iwan and Edward as you sing along to the following ever popular Welsh nursery rhymes from the famous welsh album:-

  1. Het Tri Chornel
  2. Mi welais Jac y Do
  3. Mynd Trot Trot
  4. Y Gwcw
  5. Dacw mam yn dwad.

You will find 5 colourful buttons on the star which will lead you to one of the songs above. We wonder if you will be able to work out which button is linked to which song? You will certainly have lots of fun trying!!

Remember one thing – YOU MUST SING ALONG!

Benefits of Toy and Age Limits

  • Learning through play.

  • Develops sensory and motor skills.

  • Suitable from birth and easy to use.

  • Can be hung on a cot, car seat or pram.

We at Si-lwli Cymru believe in learning through play, and your little ones are bound to enjoy playing with this toy whilst developing their linguistic, motor and sensory skills by pressing the buttons and singing and clapping along to the wonderful voices of Dafydd Iwan and Edward. The toy is suitable from newborn.

The welsh toy Y Seren Swynol is very easy to use, as the aim of this toy is for your child to use it independently. Even if your little one is too small to press the buttons themselves, they will be fascinated by the grabbable multi-coloured shapes on each star-tip and they will love the wonderful songs. The welsh toy Y Seren Swynol is designed for little hands and can be hanged on cots, high chairs, car seats, buggies and anywhere else your little one likes to spend a lot of time! It is sure to keep them entertained for hours!

This welsh toy has been designed with 0-3 year olds in mind, but there is no age limit to singing and having fun, and indeed this toy has proven to be a hit with many adults!